Diamond Records Jumped From $20,549 Billion Revenues to $22,295 Billion
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Diamond Records Include All Diamond Jewelry Sold At Jewelry Stores

1990: Diamond Records at Diamond Jewelry Retail Stores

March 1999

Analysis of U.S. Bureau of the Census Figures - March 1999

Jewelry stores did very well during December’s holiday shopping season. After a slow start early in the season, sales jumped from the November retail total of $1,999 to a whopping $5,445 billion, up by 11.29% from last year’s holiday figures of $4,893 billion. Total retail jewelry store sales rose 8.5% from 1997’s $20,549 billion to $22,295 billion for 1998.

The Department Stores did well, too, with a rise of 6.71% from 1997’s total retail sales figures of $261,151 billion to $278,687 billion for 1998. Experts are noting the continued good health of the U.S. economy and predict a solid year ahead. 

Note: In neither set of figures above are diamonds or diamond jewelry broken out, sales include all items sold in jewelry stores; and the Department Store figures include leased departments (jewelry, etc.).


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