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Diamond Advertising Is a Strong Opportunity for De Beers on Christmas

1990: Diamond Advertising Is the Real Power of Diamond Millennium

September 1999

U.S. Ad Spending Increased by 30% - September 1999

De Beers’ advertising support for diamond sales in the U.S. will receive an increase of 30% over the budget originally planned for the 4th quarter of 1999. "Clearly, we knew that the Millennium would be an essential vehicle for diamond sales," said Stephen Lussier, Worldwide Director of De Beers’ Consumer Marketing Division. In what is already the largest U.S. marketing budget in the company’s history, De Beers sees an opportunity for what could be the strongest Christmas diamond sales in the industry’s history. "We believe this is the essential moment to harness [the] power of the Millennium with this tremendous fourth quarter push," continued Lussier.

De Beers will be using the longer 45 to 60 second TV spots during traditional high profile Thanksgiving Day football games, as well as throughout tennis’ U.S. Open and baseball’s World Series. But the biggest "outdoor statement" may be the playful Seize the Day"Tall Walls" banners in Los Angeles. One will face east and measure 5,802 square feet. The other faces west and measures 6,206 square feet. Each proclaims: "What are you waiting for, the year 3000?"

As for the focus of the ads, Joe Richardson, of the Diamond Information Center at J. Walter Thompson Co. told DRB that "All of our advertising in the U.S. on behalf of De Beers is generic." This means that all of the untold numbers of dollars spent by De Beers on advertising in the U.S. is simply to sell diamonds. This does not mean it is to sell specific Millennium programs, not even the De Beers’ Millennium-branded diamonds. What does this mean for you, diamond wholesalers and diamond merchants? That diamond sales are ready to explode and your diamonds, your sales will advertised by De Beers’ millions. Get ready to ride the wave!

The Millennium ads for diamonds – and not just De Beers’ diamonds – have started and customers are already seeking out Millennium-type gift products. Evidently, De Beers is right – again – and the industry is facing an extraordinary gift-giving 4th quarter. Get your share!


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