Oppenheimer: De Beers Looks to the Future - Jan 2000
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Oppenheimer: De Beers Looks to the Future - Jan 2000

In his annual New Year‘s message to the trade, Nicky Oppenheimer, chairman of De Beers, said that "a strong, healthy De Beers will continue to remain central to the health and prosperity of the diamond industry as a whole."

"Over the next few years, De Beers will fashion a strategy that will enable it to anticipate and respond creatively to whatever challenges the future may hold," he wrote. "In looking to the future, we will continue to be guided by the core principles and interests which have made De Beers the name that has stood for diamonds throughout the 20th century. Let me tell you with no doubt whatsoever that De Beers’ over-riding aim will be its determination to remain the largest diamond producer in value terms and — in all respects — the leading diamond company in the world."

He also talked about the recent controversy over diamonds from Angola, and noted that De Beers has been in the fore-front of discussions with the United Nations and other authorities about how to solve the problem. "All of us in the industry should strive to make sure that a stone which is a symbol of purity and love — indeed all that is best in humanity — should not be tainted by conflict."v


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