Diamond Manufacturing Companies Namibian Welcome a Woman CEO
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Diamond Manufacturing Companies Namibian Are Going To Be Supervised By a Woman

1990: Diamond Manufacturing Companies Namibian Appreciate Women in Diamond Industry

September 1999

NAMCO Announces Changes in Board

Namibian Minerals Corporation (Namco) has announced the appointment of Loine Geingos to its Board of Directors and to the Board of Namco Namibia Ltd, a Namco subsidiary. Geingos is a prominent businesswoman, actively involved as a Director on the boards of several of Namibia’s top companies. Mrs. Geingos is married to the Right Honorable Hage Geingos, Prime Minister of the Republic of Namibia.

In addition, Namdeb, De Beers‘ partner in Namibia, has appointed Inge Zaamwani as Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director for the Company. Zaamwani is the first woman to hold the CEO position and the first person to take the reins of the newly created managing directorship. Zaamwani will also serve as a Director on the Board of the NamGem Diamond Manufacturing Company.

As the second-largest employer in Namibia – and the largest taxpayer – Namdeb represents a major diamond concern.

The installation of a woman as CEO is a welcome step for an industry that caters primarily to women, but where women have not been well represented at the highest levels. Now that NAMDEB has a woman at the head of the table, we hope that De Beers will welcome women to its top positions, as well.


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