Diamond Analysis Machine Provides Details about Diamond Quality
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Diamond Analysis Machine Will Improve Sophistication of Diamond Market

1990: Diamond Analysis Machine Will Help Identify Diamond Cut Grades

June 1998

A new counter-top machine that provides highly detailed information about the quality of a stone’s cutting is now available to the trade. With the growing sophistication of the diamond market, and the attendant increased emphasis on cut grades, the machine may prove an essential tool in retail and the trade. The machine gives precise details on table percentage and total depth and crown and pavilion angles. It also predicts the cut-grade a stone is likely to receive at the main diamond labs like AGS and IGI etc.

The laser-operated machine, known as the Megascope, is manufactured by OGI, Inc., an Israeli firm, and is being marketed by Point2000.

Megascope is a new addition to a number of other computerized measuring instruments that have been on the market for several years. The Megascope is however, less costly and prints out a more comprehensive report (see below) than some of its earlier counterparts. In addition, the printout has a more polished look, including an illustrated graph of the actual stone. The machine assesses different ways in which the stone can best be cut, and how each cut will impact on the stone’s weight.

One version of the Megascope handles only polished stones with 8.5 mm diameter or less. This version is available for $6,000. Another version analyzes larger size polished and rough up to 15 mm diameter, and is available for $16,000. In between, there is a version that measures also only polished stones up to 11.5 mm in diameter. The Megascope also provides a reading on stones already mounted.

The Diamond Registry is now offering for a trial period, free of charge, a Megascope report for 8.5 mm or less fine-cut certified diamond purchased. On request, we will also scan the report into our Computerized Registry™ as a measure of protection in the event of the stone’s loss or theft. For further details on the Megascope and its uses and benefits, contact The Diamond Registry.


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