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Processed Diamond Inscription Will Disclose Diamond Processing Process

1990: Processed Diamond Inscription and GIA’S Expertise in the Field

June 1999

GIA Secures Cooperation to Distinguish GE-Processed Diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America has secured the cooperation of General Electric Company (GE) and Lazare Kaplan International Inc. (LKI) to distinguish GE-processed diamonds due to be marketed through LKI subsidiary Pegasus Overseas Limited (POL) in late May or early June, 1999.

GIA’s president William E. Boyajian hosted a summit meeting with principals of GE and LKI in New York on April 16, where the basis for a preliminary protocol and interim plan was established. "Our discussions were candid and open," reported Boyajian. "We were pleased with the reccognition that GE and LKI placed on industry and public concers regarding the identification and disclosure of GE-processed diamonds. There was a willingness by all parties to ‘do the right thing.’"

In an attempt to remain true to ists mission of educating and serving the gem and jewelry industry worldwide, GIA has maintained an open and direct dialogue with LKI officials for the past several weeks. GIA has more recently engaged in beneficial discussions with research scientists and principals at GE.

The core areas of cooperation include:

GE and LKI have agreed that LKI will laser inscribe all GE-processed diamonds on the girdle with the inscription "GE POL," which will denote that the diamond has undergonet the GE process. GIA will make the following statement under the comments section on each grading report: "GE POL" is present on the girdle. Pegasus Overseas Limited (POL) states that this diamond has been processed to improve its appearance by General Electric Company (GE).

GE and LKI have agreed top follow the same laser inscription and reporting procedure for all GE-processed diamonds sent to GIA.

GIA will move forward with a research study to understand the nature of the process and explore any identifying characteristics of GE-processed diamonds. GIA will use its laboratyory operations and management information system HORIZON to track and build data.


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