Polished Diamond Production Is Produced From U.S Rough Diamond
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Polished Diamond Production Rely On Newly Discovered Diamond Mines

1990: Polished Diamond Production Brought High-Quality Diamonds to Customers

September 1997

A 28.2 carat gem quality rough diamond mined recently in Colorado has been cut and polished to yield a 16.86 carat cushion-cut white diamond - making it the largest polished diamond ever produced from US rough.

Redaurum announced that it plans to offer the diamond for sale at auction shortly.

The high-yield stone is second only in its rough size to "Uncle Sam," which weighed 40.23 carats when found in Arkansas in 1924, but yielded only 12 carats after it was cut.

The Toronto-based mining company Redaurum discovered the Colorado diamond at its Kelsey Lake mine, near the Wyoming border. It is the sixth-largest stone ever discovered in North America.

Last year, a rough diamond weighing 28.3 carats was found at the mine, but yielded only 5.4 carats after being cut.

Redaurum began production at the site in 1995. It also owns producing diamond mines in South Africa and one Zimbabwe where the company also reported the recent recovery of two large gem quality diamonds weighing 33 and 16 carats respectively.


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