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Article 17-12-2014
Incredible 89 carat pear shaped diamond fetches $11 million at auction

Incredible 89 pear shaped diamond D color VVS1Following recent trends for diamond prices and sales during auctions, Christie’s diamond auction held on December 10 saw a number of large loose diamonds and diamond jewelry going under the hammer for high prices. The loose diamond that took the lead was the 89.23 carat pear shaped diamond D color VVS1... Continue Reading.

Article 15-12-2014
This holiday season’s diamond jewelry trends

Chocolate colored Diamond Jewelry Trend of ChristmasRecent findings through a consumer Diamond jewelry has always been one of the most popular presents for Christmas or other holiday seasons. Diamond jewelry can make the person feel special, loved and appreciated. And this is the feeling we want to give during the holiday seasons. To impress and empower... Continue Reading.

Article 09-12-2014
Consumer research reveals increasing interest in black diamond engagement rings

Gold engagement ring with a black diamondRecent findings through a consumer case study, has revealed trends in diamond buying and diamond jewelry amongst US consumers. A key insight interestingly revealed that a lot of people are open to experimenting with their diamond engagement rings... Continue Reading.

Article 02-12-2014
Colored Diamonds and Burmese Rubies take lead in Sotheby’s HK Sale

13.88 carat fancy intense yellow diamond ringThe 50 carat diamond and ruby necklace set with Burmese rubies took the lead at the Hong Kong Fine Jewels and Jadeite sale, ultimately fetching $805,128. The ruby and diamond necklace is graced with 37 oval shape rubies with a total carat weight of 50.5 carat... Continue Reading.

Article 27-11-2014
Heart shape fancy red diamond ring fetches $5 million at Christie’s diamond jewelry auction

A 5 million heart shape diamond red fancy ringAt the Christie’s diamond jewelry auction in Hong Kong on 25 November, this 2.09 carat diamond ring took the lead and sold for $5 million to an anonymous private individual. The sale set a new world record at $2.44 million per carat, making it the most expensive red diamond ever sold during an auction... Continue Reading.

Article 26-11-2014
Beautiful blue pear shaped diamond sets new world record

Beautiful 9,5 carat blue pear shaped diamondThe magnificent 9.5 carat blue diamond was sold at a record price of $32.6 million, which is the most ever paid for a blue diamond. The director of Sotheby’s had noted that this 9.5 carat blue diamond would easily be the most important loose diamond ... Continue Reading.

Article 20-11-2014
Colored diamonds and gemstones set world record at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva

8.6 carat cushion shape Burmese ruby gemThe absolute highlight of the jewelry auction was the 8.6 carat cushion shape Burmese ruby gem, selling for $8.6 million which set a world record price ever fetched for a ruby including the highest price per carat which was $997,727 per carat. What adds to the remarkable colored stone prices... Continue Reading.

Article 18-11-2014
Diamond Jewelry: World record set by 392 carat Sapphire at $17.3 million

Diamond pendant with a 392 carat sapphire, a 17.3 million jewelry LooseThe world record for a sapphire sold at an auction was set on November 10th during the Christie’s Geneva Sale of Magnificent Jewels. World’s 4th largest sapphire gemstone at a 392.5 carat weight, dubbed the “Blue Belle of Asia”, eventually sold for a staggering $17.3 million during the Christie’s auction... Continue Reading.

Article 14-11-2014
Interest for investing in pink diamonds is increasing rapidly

Pink diamond as an investmentLoose diamonds becoming favored treasure asset. Across the world, people are investing vast capital into rare color diamonds as a safe investment asset. It’s a very popular alternative investment because it is tangible and moveable. Plus, say you buy pink color diamonds for engagement rings, you can even wear it allowing you to also enjoy your investment... Continue Reading.

Article 10-11-2014
The diamond jewelry autumn season starts with “The Colours of Fall Silent Auction for Diamonds” early November

Fancy color pink diamondThe autumn season begins with “The Colours of Fall Silent Auction for Diamonds”, held by Genesis Rare Diamonds on November 8 and 9, 2014. The loose diamond auction features over 200 fancy color diamonds as well as fancy color diamond jewelry. The show will exhibit the rarity and beauty of fancy color diamonds to the prospective diamond buyers... Continue Reading.

Article 04-11-2014
Loose diamonds, diamond jewelry and pearls featured at Christie’s Geneva

Loose diamond and jewelry earings at auction
On November 11, Christie’s Geneva will hold its fall sale of magnificent jewels, loose diamonds and pearls, featuring more than 390 lots. The diamond jewelry and pearls auction is expected to reach a total of $80 million. A pair of diamond earrings will take the lead in the diamond auction.... Continue Reading.

Article 27-10-2014
Amazing 101.3 carat diamond sells for $5 Million at Christie’s Jewelry auction

Flawless 101.3 carat diamond cushion cutMost of the record-breaking diamond prices reached during recent auctions, were achieved by fancy color diamond that went under the hammer. Yet it appears that colorless diamonds are making a comeback with the 101.3 carat diamond to lead the way... Continue Reading.

Article 20-10-2014
118.28 Carat white loose diamond sells for a record $30 million

118.28 carat white oval diamondThe 118.28 carat diamond, graded Flawless D color by the GIA, was sold for $30.6 million dollars at an auction in Hong Kong on October 7, setting a new world record. Two phone bidders were locked in a 6 minute bidding war for the loose diamond which was mined more than two years ago in Africa... Continue Reading.

Article 14-10-2014
Investing in Fancy red diamonds: over the past decade diamond prices have tripled

Investment red diamondFrom October 23 to 26, the Singapore JThe demand for red diamonds among diamond investors is surging significantly as the diamond prices for red color diamonds continues to increase. Fancy red diamonds are one of the rarest color diamonds, and prices have more than tripled in value... Continue Reading.

Article 10-10-2014
Sotheby’s sets new record in Hong Kong with 8 carat pink diamond auction

8 Carat Pink Diamond Price Record AuctionThe flawless 8.4 carat pear shaped pink diamond, sold for a record-breaking $17.8 million this week in Hong Kong. The sale was $3 million over the estimation made by Sotheby’s, and set a world record for the highest price per carat paid for loose pink diamonds. More than 200 people attended the diamond auction at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Center in Wan Chai. ... Continue Reading.

Article 01-10-2014
Jewelry & Diamond fair to open in Singapore October 23: showing a variety of loose diamonds, gems and jewelry

 Loose diamond jewelryFrom October 23 to 26, the Singapore Jewelry and Diamond Fair will take place at the Sands Expo at Convention Centre. More than 200 exhibitors will showcase their inventory of loose diamonds, diamond jewelry and other precious gemstones, in country pavilions for Belgium, ... Continue Reading.

Article 24-09-2014
Demand for diamond jewelry and loose diamonds Reaches record high

9 Carat Pear Shaped DiamondsAccording to a newly published diamond report that provides a number of insights and forecasts for the retail and wholesale diamond industry. The Diamond Insight Report stated that global diamond jewelry sales in 2013 increased to US$79 billion, a 3% growth compared with 2012... Continue Reading.

Article 18-09-2014
Two 9 carat pear shaped diamonds to be auctioned off by Sotheby’s as part of loose diamond and jewelry collection

9 Carat Pear Shaped DiamondsSotheby's will hold a series of auctions from the diamond collection of the late Rachel Lambert Mellon - an American horticulturalist, gardener, philanthropist, art and diamond jewelry collector.... Continue Reading.

Article 15-09-2014
3.37 carat “Purple Orchid” diamond to be unveiled at Hong Kong Jewelry show

3.37 Carat Purple Orchid DiamondHong Kong Jewelry show will unveil the 3.37 carat pinkish purple diamond “Purple Orchid”. During the September Hong Kong Jewelry & Gem Fair, the fancy color diamond “Purple Orchid” will be shown to the public for the first time... Continue Reading.

Article 10-09-2014
GIA diamond grading the standard for loose diamonds, as RapNet stops listing EGL diamond grading reports

GIA diamonds Grading Standard For Loose DiamondsStarting October 1, 2014, all diamond grading reports from EGL will no longer be listed on the RapNet Loose Diamond Trading Network, an international network of diamond companies providing added value services that ... Continue Reading.

Article 07-09-2014
Four incredibly rare fancy red diamonds are put on the market by Rio Tinto

Rare fancy red diamondIt was unveiled by Rio Tinto recently that four extremely rare GIA graded fancy red diamonds will be included in the upcoming diamond tender. Rio said there was a definite growing interest in jewels, collectibles, and fancy color loose diamonds as alternative investments. ... Continue Reading.

Article 05-09-2014
Loose diamonds and fine jewelry showcase opening on November 21 at Taiwan Jewelry & Gem Fair

Loose Diamond ShowcaseBetween November 21 and 24, the Taiwan Jewelry & Gem Fair will be held at the Taipei World Trade Centre in Hall 1. This year, the “Designer’s Area” exhibition will feature 40 of the latest outstanding diamond jewelry designers according to show organizer UBM Asia Ltd... Continue Reading.

Article 01-09-2014
LA Natural History Museum will unveil the extremely rare 12 carat Blue Moon cushion cut diamond

Blue diamonds are one of the rarest gems in the world of diamonds, and the Blue Moon cushion cut diamond just might be the most extraordinary blue diamonds of all. This beautiful 12 carat diamond will make its first and probably only public appearance during an exhibition at the Natural History Museum of LA that will run from September 13 to January 6... Continue Reading.

Article 24-08-2014
Diamond Registry partners with elite member club The Reserve

The Diamond Registry, the primary source for loose diamonds at wholesale prices, has forged a partnership with the highly exclusive member club The Reserve based in Hong Kong. Membership status for The Reserve is by invitation only, and is dedicated to the top executives and jet-setting millionaires.
Continue Reading.

Article 19-08-2014
Amazing 8.41 carat purple pink diamond is expected to fetch $15 million

The upcoming Sotheby’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels and Jadeite Autumn Sale will feature a beautifully dazzling 8.41 carat Pear Shape Internally Flawless fancy vivid purple pink diamond as the top lot. Expectations are high for this pink loose diamond as the expected price it will fetch is between $12.8 and $15.4 million... Continue Reading.

Article 15-08-2014
Japan Jewelry Fair Scheduled for August 26 2014, exhibiting jewelry and loose diamonds

Japan Jewelry Fair and Loose Diamonds 2014Organized by the UBM Japan Ltd. And the Japan jewelry Association, the Japan Jewelry Fair 2014 is scheduled to take place between August 26 to 28 at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center. More than 420 jewelry and loose diamond exhibitors from 18 countries are expected... Continue Reading.

Article 11-08-2014
Rough and polished loose diamonds: Antwerp Diamond Centre participates in Mine Entra Fair

For the first time, The Antwerp Diamond Centre (AWDC) will participate in the Mine Entra exhibition in Zimbabwe. "Now that the European sanctions on diamonds are lifted, the way is open for intensive collaboration between Zimbabwe and Antwerp commercial center for diamonds... Continue Reading.

Article 03-08-2014
Taiwan Jewelry & Gem Fair will open November 21 showcasing loose diamonds and fine jewelry

Between November 21 and 24, the Taiwan Jewelry & Gem Fair will be held at the Taipei World Trade Centre in Hall 1. This year, the “Designer’s Area” exhibition will feature 40 of the latest outstanding diamond jewelry designers according to show organizer UBM Asia Ltd. Continue Reading.

Article 22-07-2014
41 diamond experts reveal how they choose and buy diamonds

The consumer oriented diamond buying guide Beyond 4Cs has collected the opinions of 41 diamond experts revealing what they would look for when buying diamonds for themselves. In an extensive interview, diamond experts from Diamond Registry, IDEX Magazine, GIA, EGL, and many jewelry stores... Continue Reading.

Article 14-07-2014
Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair will take place in February 2015

The Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair, a loose diamond trade show, has been scheduled to take place early February 2015. According to ADTF, approximately 90 of Antwerp’s key diamond wholesalers, manufacturers and other firms will be present to display a large selection of loose diamonds.
Continue Reading.

Article 07-07-2014
Polished diamond prices dip slightly in June 2014

Diamond prices softened slightly in June, as the diamond markets were seasonally quiet. The Las Vegas show indicated that the US demand for commercial quality diamonds and inexpensive piqué diamonds was strong, whereas the demand for large diamonds was weak. The June diamonds, gems and jewelry show in Hong Kong failed to live up to the expectations of many diamond experts.. Continue Reading.

Article 06-30-2014
GIA now also provides colored diamonds services in Hong Kong & Tokyo

The GIA labs in Hong Kong and Tokyo will expand their onsite offerings to include the full colored diamonds service which they already offer in Bangkok, Carlsbad and New York. Beginning June 30, a range of GIA staff with extensive scientific backgrounds will be added to both locations, together with a broad range of analytical instrumentation for grading loose diamonds. Continue Reading...

Article 06-18-2014
122.5 Carat blue diamond recovered from Cullinan mine

After Petra Diamonds uncovered an exceptional blue diamond with a 122.52 carat weight from the famous Cullinan mine, the shares in Petra Diamonds were lifted. It is the latest big find in a series of record-breaking diamonds of amazing intense color grade, clarity and carat weight recovered by Petra from the celebrated mine. Continue Reading...

Article 06-13-2014
The Asscher Diamond family teams up with Iconic Mondavi wine family for charitable auction

Asscher Diamond Wine BottleIn commemoration of the 160th anniversary of the Royal Asscher Cut diamond company, the Asscher family partnered with famous wine icon family Mondavi from California for a charitable auction that was held on the 7th of June. Continue Reading...

Article 06-04-2014
Christie’s anticipates strong sales at New York diamond auction in June

Pink Diamond Christie's New YorkFor the planned diamond and jewelry auction on June 10, Christie’s will offer more than 220 special items of diamond jewelry for sale, including few very rare loose diamonds. The auction house is expecting to achieve a total amount of $20 million, adding to the $320 million already achieved during the spring jewelry auction sales that took place across the globe. Continue Reading...

Article 05-29-2014
Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Diamond Jewels Sale Reaches $92M

Christie's Hong Kong SaleChristie’s Hong Kong Sale of Magnificent Jewels on the 27th of May 2014 achieved a total of $91.9 million and was 81% sold by lot. Despite the near triple digit amount, it fell short the presale estimate of exceeding $100. Possibly because one of the top lots, the beautiful Golconda Diamond necklace named “Eye of Golconda,” remained unsold during the evening. Continue Reading...

Article 05-26-2014
Auction houses in Hong Kong turn to wider variety of gems playing into demands Chinese Mainland buyers.

Colored GemsDespite a recent dip, white diamonds remain in strong demand among Hong Kong jewelry buyers. Yet auctioneers have said to increase their offer of a wide variety of other precious stones to meet the more diverse taste of the Chinese Mainland’s jewelry buyers. Jade, colored diamonds and other gemstones are being brought to auction houses to test the market.
Continue Reading...

Article 05-26-2014
8 gem-quality diamonds larger than 100 carat recovered from Karowe mine

8 gem quality diamondSince the 1st of April, the Lucara Diamond Corporation has uncovered 13 diamonds that were 100 carats, with two diamonds exceeding 200 carats. 8 rough diamonds have been classified as gem-quality diamonds. Two of those are at 153 carats and the largest is at 259 carats. Since the start of the second quarter, the diamond mine has produced 239 diamonds larger than 10.80 carat, which includes 27 diamonds within the 50 carat and 100 carat range.
Continue Reading...

Article 05-20-2014
46 carat diamond necklace Eye of Golconda top lot at Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels Auction

Eye of golconda diamond necklaceChristie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels auction will be held on the 27th of May and feature a diamond necklace with two Golconda diamonds as the top lot. The diamond and emerald necklace is named “The Eye of Golconda” and features a 6.76 carat Cushion Cut diamond and an amazing 40.05 carat Pear Shape diamond. Both of these diamonds have been certified as D color with internally flawless clarity by the GIA.
Continue Reading...

Article 05-16-2014
Christie’s takes world record back from Sotheby’s with 13.22 carat flawless blue diamond

13,22 carat flawless blue diamondChristie’s International regained the record for top jewelry auction one day after losing it to Sotheby’s record-breaking sale of $16.3 million for the Graff Vivid Yellow. The Pear Shape diamond with a 13.22 carat weight set the new world record as it sold for $23.8 million. It is the one of the world’s largest flawless diamonds of this size and color ...

Continue Reading...

Article 05-15-2014
World’s largest yellow diamond sold for $16.3 million at Sotheby’s auction

World's largest yellow diamondThe Graff Vivid Yellow diamond is the largest yellow cut diamond in the world, weighing an amazing 100.09 carat weight. During an auction at Sotheby’s in Geneva on the 7th of May the record-weight yellow diamond was sold for $16.3 million to a private buyer and in doing so the diamond set the record for the highest price ever fetched for a yellow diamond.

Continue Reading...

Article 05-13-2014
Christie’s New York Sale of Magnificent Jewels totals at $60,6 million

60 million new york saleDespite the Passover/Easter holiday week timing, the salesroom at the Christie’s April New York Sale of Magnificent Jewels was filled with buyers from the 47th Street trade, dealers from Europe who come over regularly for the auctions and a handful of privates.  The top lot of the sale was a pair of earrings with two D Flawless (D, FL) diamonds weighing 22.60 carats and 22.31 carats. The earrings were sold for $8,56 million to a trader from the Middle East. Continue Reading...

Article 05-01-2014
100.09 Carat yellow diamond auctioned by Sotheby’s in May

100.9 carat yellow diamondSotheby’s auction house will auction one the world’s largest yellow diamonds next month, expecting to achieve a $25 million sale. The 100.09 carat diamond is called the Graff Vivid Yellow and is one of the world’s largest cut diamonds of any color mounted as a ring. The asking price for the gem is between $15 million and $25 million. 
Continue Reading...

Article 04-24-2014
Diamond jewelry auction fetches $8.6 million benefiting Animal Rescue

6 carat Pink Diamond Jewelry RingThe diamond jewelry collection of Riki and Jerome Shaw reached more than $8.6 million with all proceeds going toward animal shelters as part of the fight against animal cruelty. The private collection was led by a 6 carat fancy intense pink diamond ring, which sold for more than $5.7 million. The ring was one of two jewelry pieces from the collection that were among the top 10 lots sold during Christie’s New York Magnificent Jewels Sale. 
Continue Reading...

Article 04-21-2014
Luxury jewelry brands turn to the Far East as the economy recovers

Luxury JewelryAs the recession begins to fade away, fashion retailers, diamond jewelry brands and luxury stocks are beginning to perform again. Consumers in the US have more disposable income, unemployment is decreasing and equity markets are thriving. However, the next frontier for many luxury jewelry companies may lie overseas. Emerging Asian markets have an ever increasing consumer middle class, and with more people than any other country, China yields the most promising future for luxury brands.  Continue Reading...

Article 04-16-2014
Strong results at Rio Tinto diamonds 2014

Rio Tinto Rough DiamondsRio Tinto Diamonds was happy to announce that its first rough tender for 2014 delivered strong results amidst high participation and a record number of successful bidders. Forty-four companies successful bid on lots in the auction. The 124 lot auction featured fancy color and colorless rough diamonds from the Diavik, Murowa and Argyle mines.  Continue Reading...

Article 04-13-2014
India Jewelry Exhibition Opens in Moscow

Indian Jewelry ExhibitionThe most complete exhibition of Indian Jewelry ever to be held, will open in April in the State Museums of the Moscow Kremlin under the name “ India: Jewels that Enchanted the World”. The legacy of 500 years of Indian jewelry, from the 17th century to the present, has resulted in a display of 300 jewelry pieces gathered by loaning from museums, private collections and institutions. Continue Reading...

Article 04-11-2014
Extravagant diamond-incrusted egg

Mirage Extravagant Dimaond-Incrusted EggMirage: between Faberge and Damien Hirst Skull. The world’s most expensive and extravagant diamond Easter egg has just been revealed. The Mirage is a combination of a luxury Faberge egg and the famous Damien Hirst Skull with a total value of $8.4 million. This art piece has more than 1,000 diamonds on its shell, worth $2.5 million alone. The diamond-encrusted egg opens up to reveal a hand-crafted ornate globe made from 18 karat gold. Within the globe, a crystal dove with a gold beak is perched on a gold olive branch. Continue Reading...

Article 04-07-2014
Fine Jewelry Industry Turned Upside Down

Fine Jewlery PiecesA new trend is turning the jewelry industry upside down, as some of the most popular designs today are creations of a new young generation of under-the-radar jewelry designers. The jewelry designs appeal to younger women looking for jewelry that matches their own personal style, which shouldn’t come as a surprise as the designs are created by younger women. Today, it’s not just about the top brands anymore as consumers are less afraid to try little-known designers. Continue Reading...

Article 03-31-2014
Diamond rings, loose diamonds… Christie’s NY starts spring jewelry auction season in April

GIA Ethical Diamond CompanyOn April 16, Christie’s New York will hold its spring sale of magnificent jewels, with a selection of more than 250 jewels in a two-session sale at the Rockefeller Center saleroom. A wide range of jewels will be offered at the auction such as top-quality colorless and colored diamonds, historic gems, natural pearls and signed jewels. The jewels come from renowned houses such as Cartier, Graff, Tiffany & Co, Van Cleef & Arpels, Harry Winston, and JAR. Continue Reading...

Article 03-27-2014
GIA maintains title of World’s Most Ethical Diamond Company

GIA Ethical Diamond CompanyThe Ethisphere Institute named the GIA as one of the 2014 World’s Most Ethical Companies. It awards the gemological institute for its continuing efforts to uphold a superior ethics and compliance program. This is in fact exactly what the GIA is setting out to do, as they work to ensure the public’s trust in gems and jewelry through research, education and instrument development. Continue Reading...

Article 03-22-2014
US & International Diamond Week

Diamond exchangeFrom the 6th to the 10th of April, The Israeli Diamond Exchange will hold the US & International Diamond Week. Around 250 international buyers have already registered and an additional 500 buyers from all over the world are expected to attend the event. Continue Reading...

Article 03-18-2014
Diamond Engagement Ring Trends 2014

10 carat diamond jewelryringDiamonds are forever, but jewelry trends come and go with the years. Not so long ago, the trend was to have oversize, fashion-forward jewelry pieces with plenty of precious metal and big diamonds that could barely be contained by the prongs – ice practically spilled over the edges.
Continue Reading...

Article 03-12-2014
Opening of the International Rough Diamond Week

10 carat diamond jewelryringOn March 9th, the International Rough Diamond Week in Israel was opened. It is an event hosted by the Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) and will be attended by representatives of the world’s leading mining companies Rio Tinto, De Beers and Alrosa. The viewing of the diamonds will end on March 13th. Continue Reading...

Article 03-05-2014
2 Shows, 2 Venues: Hong Kong Jewellery Show and Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show

10 carat diamond jewelryringThis week from the 3rd to the 7th of March, the HKTDC Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show will be held alongside the 31st edition of the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, taking place from the 5th to the 9th of March. Under the slogan “2 shows, 2 venues”, Continue Reading...

Article 02-27-2014
Review of 2013: US Diamond Jewelry sales reached new record

10 carat diamond jewelryringThe total sales of watches and fine jewelry, made with diamonds and other gems, in the U.S. reached a new record of $US 79.5 billion in 2013, an increase of 7.8% compared to 2012, based on data recently released by the U.S. Department of Commerce. ” During the holiday season - a very important selling season - of November and December 2013, U.S. fine jewelry and Continue Reading...

Article 02-24-2014
Discovery large blue diamond sends shockwaves throughout the industry.

29.6 carat blue diamondThe 29.6 carat blue diamond discovered in the Cullinan mine, owned by Petra Diamonds in South Africa, has been labeled to “be in a class of its own". Petra Diamonds explained that the stone has an extraordinary vivid blue hue with unique saturation, tone and clarity. It has a great potential to yield a very high value and importance after the polishing and cutting process. Continue Reading...

Article 02-14-2014
Gemological Institute of America Conducts Seminars and classes at Tucson trade fairs

29.6 carat blue diamondDuring the annual Tucson gem fair, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) will be conducting seminars and classes. These will be offered at the Tucson Concention Center during the AGTA Gem Fair, held February 4th to 9th, and at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, held from February 13th to 16th. Two free seminars are will be held regarding recent gemological findings Continue Reading...

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