Diamond Registry:Britain Pushes "Certificates of Origin" June.2000
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Britain Pushes "Certificates of Origin" June.2000

The British government has its own ideas on how to solve the "combat diamond" problem. At this summer’s Group of Eight summit in Japan it will propose a measure (G-8) that will ask all diamond producing countries to attach certificates of origin to their diamonds.

"We are pushing for an international self-certification scheme by the diamond trade, backed by governments, to stop this trade in blood diamonds and make sure the type of dreadful conflict we are seeing in Sierra Leone is not perpetrated by the diamond trade that keeps them going," Foreign Minister Peter Hain told Parliament.

South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Angola and the Congo all backed the proposal at a meeting in South Africa recently. The British government also hopes for backing from Russia, the world’s largest second diamond producer.

The South African conference also proposed a diamond code and a new international standards committee to monitor transparency and accountability in the diamond trade.v


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