Diamond Registry :Diamonds Inside Your Body? - April.2000
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Diamonds Inside Your Body? - April.2000

The amazing uses of diamonds never cease. Business Week reported that scientists believe that diamond coatings could one day be used to build tiny micro-machines that zip through your blood stream dispensing drugs throughout your body.

A team of researchers announced that they had fashioned a one-square-millimeter mechanical drive out of a diamond. Scientists think that diamond would work well on microscopic machines for two reasons. Since it is made of carbon, it can be easily ingested or implanted or implanted inside the human body. And it is so hard that diamond-coated machines last 10,000 times longer than those made of silicon.

Sales Strong at Major Chains

Jewelers seem to be rolling with the economy. Recently, both Neiman Marcus and Tiffany’s reported a large increase in sales. Neiman Marcus experienced a 32% increase in sales which they attribute to a large sale of luxury merchandise such as jewelry and diamonds. Sales climbed to $890.3 million from $789.2 million last year.

Tiffany’s earnings saw a 59% increase. Sales climbed to $559.8 million from $442.8 million. They say their increase was due to customers purchasing more jewelry and expensive goods than they have in the past. Even abroad Tiffany’s experienced sales increases.v


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