2010 Diamond Report – A Proof of Constant Increase in Price of Diamond
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2010 Diamond Report Is Showing Bright Future of Diamond Industry

2011: 2010 Diamond Report Is Showing Increase in Price of Certified Diamonds

According to a report released February 2011 by the Rappaport Group, Diamond Prices, particularly for large and small stones saw signifigant price increases in 2010.

Certified polished diamond prices had an overall price increase of 10.3% on RapNet - Rapaport Diamond Trading Network, with half carat diamond prices up 4.1%, one carat diamond prices up 12.3%. Three (3) carat diamonds saw a significant jump -- up 24.6%. Prices for large, very expensive high quality diamonds increased even more, as did small, inexpensive diamonds, whose prices increased 57% at Rapaport Auctions.

So what does this practically mean for you, a diamond buyer? Between 2009 and 2010 here are the potential cost impacts to selected stones. A 3 Carat diamond stone could now cost you almost $16,000 more than in 2009. Rappaport is expecting diamond prices to continue to climb in 2011 due to increased demand from Asia and production issues.

Table of 2010 Diamond Price Increase Impacts
Diamond Size (Carat) 2010 Price Increase 2009 Price 2010 Price $ Increase
1 12.3% $11,362 $12,760 $1,398
3 24.6% $64,270 $80,080 $15,810

Sample prices for average wholesale cost for 1 and 3 carat diamond F-VVS2

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