Diamond Graphic Curve Is Showing the Growth of Diamond Industry
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Diamond Graphic Curve Is A Proof Of Strong Position Of Industry

2009: Diamond Graphic Curve Gives Hope for More Investment

These days, the media is filled with news about all the places that you don't want to put money in. Don't put it in the stock market. Don't put it in real estate. Some think you shouldn't even put it in banks.

We think eventually people will turn some funds to hard assets, including diamonds.

De Beers' new ads talk about diamonds as objects of "eternal value." They never use the word "investment." But we will.

If you look at the overall supply-demand curve, diamonds are a sound investment. With new markets opening up, and supply currently falling, the price of diamonds should eventually go up.

You can buy many things this year. But only one product will retain its value, and actually increase it in the long run. A new flat-screen TV is nice, but you can't hand it down to your grandchildren as an ever-lasting gift of love.


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