2008 diamond bourses
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2008 diamond bourses

World Federation Offers Its Mark For Members, A Sign of Integrity

February 2008

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses has begun offering its "mark" to members. The "WFDB Mark" is exclusively available to members of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (like the Diamond Registry) and is designed to show consumers that the holder of the personalized WFDB mark follows the WFDB’s ethical code of "Tradition, Accountability and Integrity."
All World Federation members must subscribe and strictly follow the World Federation’s Code of Principles (WFCOP.)

The Federation’s Code is enforced through its judicial system; in 2003, the World Federation amended its bylaws to specify that bourse members can be suspended or expelled if found guilty of non-compliance with the WFDB ethical code and can have their right to use the WFDB "Mark" revoked.

Among the rules in the World Federation Code of Conduct:

Exhibit professional knowledge and skills.

Take all necessary measures, required and voluntary, in order to avoid trading in conflict diamonds, including the implementation of the commitments and undertakings of the diamond industry as part of the Kimberley Process.

Describe diamonds and other gemstones and jewelry fairly and accurately.

Endorse and practice human rights and morality in society.

Disclose all treatments of diamonds and other gemstones.

Disclose whether a diamond, or any other gemstone, is synthetic.

Provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment.

Avoid the performance of any unethical conduct against a colleague or client.

The Diamond Registry subscribes to the World Federation Code of Principles and will soon begin displaying its personalized "Mark" with its diamonds. 


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