2008 stealing diamond jewelry Tiffany's Thefts
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2008 stealing diamond jewelry

Indicted for Tiffany’s Thefts

April 2008

Two former employees of a Parsippany Tiffany & Co., were indicted on charges of stealing more than $260,000 worth of jewelry from the company.

Claudia L. Martinez, 34, of Dover, was charged with stealing five items of jewelry valued at $32,710 while she was employed by Tiffany & Co. The theft was linked to Martinez through video surveillance.

Jhoan M. Delima, 20, is also being charged with theft, and Betty Caicedo, 19, was charged with receiving stolen property in the indictment.

A police complaint said that Delima first was connected to the disappearance of jewelry at Tiffany.Delima later was caught hiding three rings valued at $53,700 in a drawer in a staff break room, the complaint said.

Delim allegedly admitted to authorities he stole an estimated $230,366 worth of jewelry from Tiffany.


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