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JVC Diamond Guidance Is Registering Whole Diamond Sale

2008: JVC Diamond Guidance Is Keeping Aware the Retailers

February 2008

In guidance on the De Beers class action suit, the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) is advising resellers that they can file for both diamond-only jewelry and jewelry containing diamonds and other gems in the same claim.

Resellers are being told to file an extra copy of pages 5 and 6 of the claim form because the guidance on the court-approved form requires that retailers should "check only one" when reporting purchases of either jewelry containing diamonds only, or diamonds and other gemstones.

In order to claim all qualified purchases, resellers should fill one copy of the two pages as "diamond only" and the second copy as "mixed jewelry."

According to the JVC, multiple printed forms can and should be used, as some in the trade will have multiple purchases that cannot physically fit on one printed form.

Questions can be sent to jvcquestions@aol.com, and additional information as well as a link to the forms can be found jvclegal.org



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