Journey Diamond Gift – Highly Familiar Among Young
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Journey Diamond Gift Has Become a Symbol of Love and Affection

2008: Journey Diamond Gift Sale Has Earned 1.5 Billion Dollars

January 2008

Sales for the Journey Diamond Jewelry concept have exceeded $1.5 billion, according to the Diamond Promotion Service.

Journey was introduced in August 2006 with a graduated diamond design symbolizing how love grows stronger over time. On average, consumers who buy Journey Diamond pieces have a higher household income than purchasers of other diamond jewelry piece types the group found.

Journey "gifts of love" account for nearly 80 percent of sales, whereas 67 percent of diamond jewelry as a whole is purchased as gifts by a husband or boyfriend.

The DPS also found that men feel comfortable buying a Journey piece on their own for their loved one. "In fact, 82 percent of Journey gifts were purchased by men alone, versus 74 percent of other diamond jewelry gifts," DPS found.

"We are thrilled that this new category has already reached $1.5 billion in sales," said Colby Shergalis, core program director of Journey Diamond Jewelry at DPS. "The exciting news is that the category keeps growing, presenting a tremendous opportunity for the industry." 



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