Diamond Hair Products for Females Are Launched By Nivea
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Diamond Hair Products Include Diamond Conditioner and Shampoo

2008: Diamond Hair Products Contain Crushed Diamonds

February 2008

Here are some new products that we recently heard about:

Nivea has launched a hair care product, Nivea Diamond Gloss, that gives female hair "super gloss" with crushed diamonds.

With women looking for products that make hair appear shiny and healthy, the Nivea Dia- mond Gloss’ shampoo and conditioner actually contains diamonds that will be ground into mi- cro-particles, which the company claims will add brilliance to hair.

Gemory is a company claiming to offer "the ultimate in personalized diamonds."

The company says its Patent-pending PureDia- mond process uses nanotechnology to inscribe photos in high resolution on the surface of any diamond, pearl or other gem.

According to the company, you can inscribe up to 100 photos on the stone without impacting its quality grade.

The company says the photos are "microscopic and invisible to the naked eye" but can be seen through the GemmaView, Gemory's proprietary portable viewing device.

"eCS," a service run by "e-Praise," the service that offers free on-line appraisals to Diamond Registry customers, has a new numerically-based cut grade system which measures the cut quality of a diamond in strictly geometrical terms. The system is a more accurate way of measuring the "brilliance and fire" of a diamond.

Since it uses the offers a numerical value, it lets you compare the grades on different lab certifi- cates.

OGI Systems has announced the launch of its USB Laser Marker which will enable laser marking on rough stones.


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