101 Carat Diamond Was Brought For Auction in Christie’s Sale
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101 Carat Diamond Was Auctioned In 8 Million Dollar

2008: 101 Carat Diamond Is First Large Diamond in Asian Sale

March 2008

A 101-carat, near-flawless diamond will be auctioned off at Christie's International sale in Hong Kong. This is the first time a gem of this quality and weight has been auctioned in Asia, and it could fetch up to $8 million. The stone has been graded as F VVS1.

Christie's only identifies the seller as a Europe-based diamond trading company run by three brothers.

The buyer gets the right to name the stone, Christie's said.

The diamond is the fourth diamond of more than 100 carats offered at auction at Christies, according to Francois Curiel, the company's global head of jewelry. The last three were in Geneva.

However, for this diamond, "The seller called us up in Asia and specifically said they want the gem sold in this region," according to Vicki Sek, a Hong Kong-based director of jewelry at Christie's, reports said.


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