Diamond “Brenig” Case Involved Six Sight Holders of DTC
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Diamond “Brenig” Case Was About the Smuggling Of Diamonds

2008: Diamond “Brenig” Case Will Suspend the Four Sight Holder

February 2008

The Diamond Trading Company has ended the suspension of six sightholders in relation to what is known as the "Brenig case."

The DTC said it made the decision after conducting interviews with each sightholder implicated in the case.

"Considering each separate case on its merits, the DTC can confirm that it is lifting its suspension of supply to the sightholders concerned on confirmation, where relevant, that appropriate remedial action has been taken," said a statement from the DTC.

In early January, the DTC suspended supply to sightholders following the Antwerp Court of First Instance ruling in the Brenig case.

The court case involved 13 Antwerp companies. Principles of those companies were convicted of fraud, fictitious invoicing, and smuggling between 1994 and 1999, reports said. They received six-month suspended sentences.

Of the six sightholders, four are still on the list and two were said to have been removed from the list in December.



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