Diamond Combat with KP Due To Massive Illegal Smuggling
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Diamond Combat with KP Has Provided Detailed Diamond Statistics

2007: Diamond Combat with KP Is Announced By Venezuela

September 2007

Venezuela has promised to combat diamond smuggling an comply with the rules of the Kimberly Process, after a delegation turned up unexpectedly at  the recent KP meeting in Brussels to provide detailed reports on its diamond production.

The country has been facing expulsion, after NGOs criticized it for massive diamond smuggling. It has not had a review of its control systems, but may agree to one in the future.

Karel Kovanda of the EU, current KP chair, said he was “delighted by the return of Venzauela to the fold” and said it was evidence that the fight against conflict diamonds was being won.

A recent article in Newsweek International accused Venezuela of basically ignoring the Kimberly Process, noting it had no official exports, while the exports from neighboring Guyana have gone up dramatically.


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