Diamond Sterling Factory Opened In India
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Diamond Sterling Factory Offered 114 Jobs for Employees

2007: Diamond Sterling Factory Has Latest Management Technology

November 2007

Sterling Jewelers, the largest specialty retail jeweler in the U.S. has opened the Signet Sourcing Manufacturing Unit, a dedicated unit which has just opened a factory in India.

The Sterling facility employs 114 workers.

The technology used in the factory allows management in India from Sterling’s home office in Akron, Ohio.

Sterling said it is exploring more opportunities for direct sourcing.

Mark Light, Sterling Jewelers Inc. president and chief executive officer, Ed Hrabak, senior vice president General Merchandise Manager, Bruce Carter, director Manufacturing & Administration, Urie Fisch, general manager Rough Diamond Sourcing and Manufacturing, all attended the opening, which coincided with WDM’s 10 year anniversary.


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