Important Diamond Related Questions before Buying Diamond
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Important Diamond Related Questions Make Your Purchase Reliable

2007: Important Diamond Related Questions Increase Customers’ Trust on Industry

April 2007

Over the years, we have received many questions about diamond buying. And let’s face it, a diamond is an extremely important purchase.

It’s one of the biggest investments a couple can make, and it’s the one that stays with them the longest — long after the wedding dress has been put away, and new cars have been purchased and traded in, the lucky woman will still be wearing her diamond engagement ring.

Here are some questions a consumer should ask anyone trying to sell them a diamond:


Is the person selling me this stone an "expert" on diamonds? What qualifications do he have ?

Is the seller an established retailer or wholesaler?

How long have they been in the diamond business?

Are they members in good standing of any of the major diamond and jewelry organizations? Which ones?

Have they seen the diamond they are selling with their own eyes?

Can I call/contact them if I have a problem?

Do they offer free appraisals?

Do I have time to consider the purchase, or must I buy on an "instant click"?

Can I get everything in writing?

How long will it take from payment to delivery?

Do I get a random web list or do I get personal

Professional advise of the best value ?

Do I have the option of examining the diamond?

Do they offer "conditional invoices" without restocking charges?


Is the diamond treated in any way?

Who is the laboratory that is providing the certificate?

If there is an inclusion, where is it located?

Is the inclusion white or black?

Does the diamond have fluorescence? Is the fluorescence in the diamond a problem?

How is the diamond cut? Is this diamond well cut or is it just being called that because it conforms to some so-called "Ideal"?


Can I verify the stone goes with report by using the Sarin computer at the Diamond Dealers Club?

Can I laser inscribe a custom-made inscription on the girdle of the stone?

Can I get a diamond setting, at wholesale? Does the dealer have a designer they work with that can fashion a mounting individual to my needs?

Does the company have a strict ethical policies about disclosing treatments, synthetics, and not selling so-called "conflict diamonds"?


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