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Diamond Artistic Work Increased the Price of Objects

2007: Diamond Artistic Work Is Done On Many Simple Objects

September 2007

At the Diamond Registry, we often see news releases about unusual products that are diamond studded. Here are some recent ones we have seen:

  • There is an artist Damien Hirst’s  platinum human skull covered with 8,601 diamonds, titled “For the Love of God” which has a $100 million dollar price tab.
  • Diamond Studded lederhosen. An Austrian shop made the pants, traditional garb in the Alpine regions, adorned with 166 diamonds set in gold, by custom order for a German man for $135,000.
  • In what’s being billed as “the most expensive book in the world,” a $3 million made to order edition of  “Dancing with the Bear,” an autobiography of a Russian oligarch, is being decorated with more then 600 flawless diamonds
  • There is also the diamond covered saucepan (going for 100,000 pounds at Harold’s, and hoping to being listed as the “most expensive pan” ever), the $30 million dollar bikini (which has no fabric just diamonds and platinum), the $40,000 gold and diamond covered Ipod, and the $50,000 diamond covered hearing aid.

The most interesting thing about all these products isn’t the products but the diamonds. These products show that when you add luxury to something, there is nothing like the “ultimate luxury” diamonds.


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