Diamond Guide Book – Second Edition In The Market
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Diamond Guide Book Consists Of Methods of Identifying Synthetic Diamonds

2007: Diamond Guide Book Has Information about the Treatment of Diamonds

October 2007

Second Edition

Last time we called Antionette Matlins’ Diamonds "the best how to buy a diamond book on the market." Now, she has released a second edition, and once again, it has loads of helpful information that every diamond ought to know. It is a tremendous tool for the consumer.

Among the new material is information about the new diamond treatments for color and clarity, as well as ways to detect synthetic diamonds. It even includes a section on how to interpret diamond grading reports from different laboratories, and on counterfeit GIA certificates from non-existent laboratories.

One interesting section advises buyers about purchasing stones over the Internet, as well as in online auctions. She notes it is very convenient and good deals are possible, but she cautions: "Remember that many Internet companies are unknown entities, without reliable track records or well-established reputations."

Her section on the Ideal cut notes that while some cuts are called "Ideal" … "there are several slightly differing formulas for cutting an "ideal" stone, and there is no consensus as to what is ‘best,’ but each results in an exceptionally beautiful stone .. ‘Best’ is usually a matter of personal preference."

You can order the book at www.gemstonepress.com.


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