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List Of Diamond Companies Is Showing Total Quantity Of Diamond Production

2007: List Of Diamond Companies Is Made According To Volume Of Produced Diamond

September 2007

As part of its commitment to transparency, the Kimberly Process recently released world diamond production by value for 2006:

World Production by value (2006)

Botswana                     27%

Russian Federation       21%

Other                           19%

Canada                         12%

South Africa                 11%

Angola                          9%


Total: $11,974,761,618

The chart below shows that Botswana and the Russian Federation produce about 50% of diamonds by value.

World Production by Volume (2006)

Russian Federation                               22%

Botswana                                             20%

Australia                                              17%

Democratic Republic of Congo            17%

Other                                                   17%

South Africa                                           9%

Total: 175,538,127 carats

As you can see, Russia and Botswana also are dominant on the “volume” side, although the positions of the top two are switched. In addition, Australia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, which don’t produce a lot by value (meaning they produce small stones) do produce a lot by volume. It should be noted that this is only the stones that go through the Kimberly Process. But the amount of goods that are falling through the cracks is very minute, since 99% of all goods are traded through Kimberly.


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