Precious Unique Diamonds and “Blood Diamond”
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Precious Unique Diamonds Are For Commitment and Love

2007: Precious Unique Diamonds’ Sale Is Not Affected By Fiction Story

February 2007

The chairman of the World Diamond Council, in a New Year’s message, noted that the industry has felt "increased media scrutiny" due to the release of Blood Diamond.

But the industry grasped the opportunity offered by the film, Izhakoff said, to launch, an educational web site, as well as an "education pack" for the industry.

"We must continue to drive the message home to all our constituents that compliance with the Kimberley Process and the System of Warranties is not optional," Izhakoff said. "We must also continue to demonstrate that diamonds are a force for good and carry out our business in a way that ensures they are."

He concluded: "We must continue to work together, not just to eradicate the trade in conflict diamonds today, but to ensure that diamonds are never again vulnerable to such abuse in the future. Finally, we must never forget that diamonds are purchased and treasured by consumers because they represent the very highest human values, such as love and commitment. We have every reason to be proud that this unique and beautiful product."


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