Diamond Brand Ambassador Joan Parker Has Joined Gemesis
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Diamond Brand Ambassador Is Well Experienced Person In This Field

2007: Diamond Brand Ambassador Was Also The Member Of De Beers

May 2007

Joan Parker, who for years was the only public face of De Beers in the United States, has joined synthetic manufacturer Gemesis as "brand ambassador" and advisor to the company.

Parker has been in the diamond industry for 30 years, first as the director of Diamond Information Center, and then directing public relations for the De Beers-LVMH retail venture.

There is already speculation posted on blogs about why Parker, who for so long was part of the De Beers family, made this move: Was she mad at the company and decided to go over to the "enemy"? Or is this a way for De Beers to get control of that production, and is this a sign that De Beers is going to eventually enter the synthetic market, possibly by buying Gemesis?

In a statement, Parker made sure she didn’t say that synthetic diamonds are "better" than naturals, as some have done, just a new product on the market.

"This is an exciting new source of diamonds that will compliment the existing mined supply, and I look forward to helping to promote Gemesis culture diamonds," she said.  


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