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Recent Diamond Interview Is Highlighting the Weaknesses Of Diamond Industry

2007: Recent Diamond Interview Is Available On the Website For All Diamond Customers

November 2007

Joseph Schlussel of the Diamond Registry was recently interviewed by A video of the interview is also available at that site; the link to the interview is available at our home page at

Here are some of the main points in our discussion with reporter Kathryn Elizabeth Tuggle:

Why are diamond prices moving upwards so fast? The answer is because of the weakness in the dollar is making it cheaper for Europeans to buy. Also, developing countries like India, China and Russia, with their rising middle class, are boosting demand for diamonds while the supply of diamonds is not increasing.

"Diamond prices will continue to go up, up, up," Schlussel told Foxbusiness.

Schlussel predicted the overall price of diamonds will continue to rise in the next few years.

Which is the four C’s is most important? The answer is color, because that is the visible even for a layman. To see the differences in clarity grades, you have to be a professional and have a ten power magnifying loupe.

For cut, even professionals can’t tell the differ- ence between stones graded as "excellent," "very good" or "good" cut, and there is continuing debate over what the best cut is.

Is it worth it to buy a brand name diamond? Not really. If you buy a pair of jeans and it has a brand name on it, at least you get the privilege of advertising the designer’s name. A diamond is too small to show off someone’s brand. Fundamentally, a diamond stands for "forever" and "eternal love." That means more than any brand name.


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