Multi Colored Diamonds Attracted Young Consumers
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Multi Colored Diamonds Are Used In Yellow Gold for Making Jewelry

2007: Multi Colored Diamonds Consciously Become the Choice Of Majority Customers

June 2007

Once only the stuff of movie stars, the super-rich and legends, colored diamonds have seemingly fully entered the consciousness of the average consumer.

With more and more celebrities, especially younger starlets and the hip-hop community, taking to colored diamonds and showing them off on the red carpet, interest in and demand for the stones is on the rise. Jewelry designers began several seasons ago to include the stones in their creations, often as accents to other gemstones or, especially in the case of brown or champagne diamond, peppered yellow gold with stones for a subtle sparkle.

Actress and Tori Spelling was the latest star to show off colored diamonds, with a fancy color three stone band given to her by her husband after the birth of their child, an event that was much publicized on their reality TV show.

They have also been helped by the promotion efforts of the Natural Colored Diamond Association, based out of New York, started by mining companies with the goal of increasing awareness of natural colored stones. 


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