Old Fashioned Diamond Jewelry Was Famous At the Emmy Award
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Old Fashioned Diamond Jewelry Includes Geometric Diamonds

2007: Old Fashioned Diamond Gave Dramatic Look to All Celebrities

October 2007

The Emmy Awards, fall's most important event to gauge celebrity fashion trends for the year ahead, arrived with a nod to the past. Glamour--reminiscent of the 1920's and 1930's--reigned. Gowns trended toward white and red, and diamonds were the jewels of choice.

While necklaces remained largely absent, earrings, bracelets and right-hand rings were strong. Trendsetters went for diamonds set in blackened metal for a dramatic look. Rose cuts and pave work well in these designs.

Meanwhile, in looking to stand out from several seasons of briolettes set in chandelier earrings and rounds or pears earrings on wires, celebrities looked for more architectural designs.

These called for geometric stones like princess, emerald and other square cuts--often set on an angle--in single strand bracelets, oversized cocktail rings, and, especially, wide drop earrings. The linear drops that did make a splash were station drops, set with several large, individual stones (usually round-cuts).

In keeping with a trend that began last season, heart-shaped diamonds were increasingly evident in simple designs that negated an overly sweet look.

In a surprising red carpet trend, yellow gold made a strong showing, looking best in pieces that contrasted elements of the warm metal with those of shimmering diamond pave.

Finally, diamonds on the Emmy red carpet were mostly white. For several seasons, yellow diamonds and warm champagne-colored stones made a splash, but this trend of old-school drama called for the pop of colorless stones.


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