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De Beers’ Diamond Presentations Were For New Contracts In 2008

2007: De Beers’ Diamond Presentations Were To Create Marketing Awareness

March 2007

The sales and marketing arm of the De Beers group, the Diamond Trading Company, will hold presentations for non-sightholders in the major cutting centers and markets, including Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Johannesburg, Toronto, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

There is one major center that is conspicuously absent from this list—New York—although we assume that the Toronto sessions are aimed at Americans. We wonder if De Beers’ legal problems, which they have said are fixed, is still preventing them. If they can have stores here, why can they not hold sightholder seminars?

The presentations are designed to provide background about the DTC, the application process and criteria for the new 2008 contract period and the opportunities and responsibilities of being a DTC Sightholder.

"The 2008 contract period, we will be looking for partners that can demonstrate they are world class businesses and can perform to the highest standards of ethical business practice," said DTC marketing director Varda Shine. "In order to achieve this, two fundamental elements will be at the heart of Supplier of Choice for 2008 and beyond: world-class business excellence and partnership."

"We will be looking to partner with those businesses who demonstrate excellence in the goods they produce and in their ability to market these to their customers," Shine added.


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