Diamond First Campaign Is Creating Awareness among Customers
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Diamond First Campaign Lets Customers Identify the Quality of Diamond

2007: Diamond First Campaign Was Launched In Three Parts

November 2007

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has launched its first-ever national public-awareness campaign to educate consumers about diamonds. The new campaign, "The Difference Between Wondering and Knowing," explains the Four C's and the importance of a diamond-grading report in informing consumers of the gemological qualities of a stone.

The campaign is three prong. First, a national print and online advertising campaign targeted to audiences will run in select major U.S. publications and websites.

Another component is a new GIA website that offers information on diamonds, the Four C's, how the GIA grades stones and how to read a GIA diamond-grading report. It will offer information about diamond origins, the difference between natural and man-made diamonds, and details on caring for diamonds.

Finally, the GIA is offering a kit for retailers to help educate consumers on the Four C's and diamond grading. It includes Four C's brochures, a grading-report tool to help explain what's on a GIA report, and a new video. The kit, and other materials, including posters, will be available to retailers in November. 


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