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New Diamond Journey Of Bringing Unique Rings With Three Diamond Stones

2006: New Diamond Journey Is An Advertisement By De Beers For New Diamond Jewelry Marketing

September 2006

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article about De Beers’ new Journey concept, noting: "Husbands and boyfriends, beware. The diamond industry has come up with a new style to entice your significant others."

The article notes that the campaign uses romance to sell the "Journey" pieces, which proved successful in its campaign for the three-stone ring. The "Journey" pieces are sold in graduated patterns from the smallest diamond to the largest, which is meant to symbolize how love increases in a relationship. The ads include the tagline, "With every step, love grows," and De Beers will likely spend $20 million on advertising the new concept.

It noted that De Beers is having celebrities at this year’s Emmy awards model "Journey" jewelry, and will broadcast its first "Journey" ads during the Emmies.

The target audience is men and women from households that have incomes north of $75,000.

The article notes that De Beers wants to make Journey diamonds a "cultural imperative," like engagement rings. It wants women to ask themselves, "You have been married 10 years and you don't have a Journey piece?" the article said.


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