Death Of Diamond Dealer When Police Raided His House
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Death Of Diamond Dealer Occurred Due To Unpaid Tax

2006: Death Of Diamond Dealer Was Due To Recession In The Diamond Industry

December 2006

Nikhil Manilal, 45, the Managing Director of diamond company Beltaj NV, died, reportedly of heart failure, when his house was raided by the police in what was described a tax investigation Antwerp.

Amar Sinha, spokesman of the Indian Embassy in Brussels told an Indian newspaper that the local community was "ascertaining the circumstances and will take up the matter with the local Government if there was any neglect." He described the incident as "very unfortunate."

Sunil Prasad, Secretary General of the Brussels-based Europe India Chamber of Commerce and President of Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin in Belgium told reporters that in spite of demands by the family that Manilal be given urgent medical assistance when he had heart problems, the police did not grant it and continued with the raid.

"This is not acceptable and we demand a full investigation of the case and those found guilty must be punished," he told the India News in Europe program. "This is the saddest day in the history of the Indian community's relations with the Belgium."

Four Indian trade organizations later called for an investigation of Manilal’s death, and the entire Antwerp diamond community took a one-day strike in honor of Manilil.


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