Specification Of Diamond Jewelry Named “Journey”
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Specification Of Diamond Jewelry Is Based On Arrangement Of Diamonds In Special Way

2006: Specification Of Diamond Jewelry Named “Journey” Is To Strong The Love Of Couples Forever

January/February 2006

The Diamond Trading Company’s latest promotion is called "Journey" diamond jewelry. The DTC defines "Journey" diamond jewelry as a piece of jewelry containing at least four diamonds of different sizes, arranged in a graduated pattern from smallest to largest, with at least one stone of significant size. The journey message symbolizes how a couple's love grows stronger and more intense over time – their unique journey.

"From the launch of past present future, JWT saw that by infusing a compelling emotional story into an existing product category we can spark tremendous and rapid market growth," said Richard Lennox, director-in-charge of the Diamond Marketing and Advertising Group at JWT. "JWT will use this same model for the launch of Journey diamond jewelry."

The Journey campaign will be launched in September 2006, with a national print and television advertising campaign. Advertising, marketing and educational materials will be available to retailers during the Las Vegas Show and on the Diamond Promotion Service website, www.DPS.org.

In conjunction with A.C. Nielsen, a leading international research firm, DPS has developed DesignMax, an evaluation program that puts consumers at the heart of product development. When consumers validate designs before production, manufacturer and retailer investment can be optimized.

DesignMax allows manufacturers to rate a set of styles against each other and also to compare these design scores to the industry average. DPS is offering the DesignMax facility to the first 40 manufacturers who sign up at its web site. 


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