Bold Diamond Necklaces Are Popular In Hollywood
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Bold Diamond Necklaces Are Included In the List of Most Popular Jewelry

2006: Bold Diamond Necklaces Are the Most Favorite Among Models

October 2006

The past month saw celebrities and top fashion designers in the spotlight on both coasts, during the Emmy Awards in Hollywood and Fashion Week in New York.

As always, diamonds stole the show on the red carpet at the Emmys and, happily, made a strong showing on the fashion catwalks as well.

While worlds apart, the two trend-setting events were close in fashion spirit, both reinforcing the jewelry trends predicted for holiday and through 2007.

Overall silhouettes have made a major shift. Where just a few years ago starlets shunned necklaces in favor of romantic, oversized chandeliers, this year, necklaces played a key role. Diamond line necklaces and important pendants were popular, as were the shorter stud or small drop earrings that look right with necklaces.

Right-hand rings continued to be a strong red-carpet trend as well. On the runways, pendants also played a key role, along with studs, linear drop or button shaped-earrings. Diamond station necklaces are showing no sign of waning, though look for new takes on this look, with the draping necklaces featuring other diamond cuts, natural-color diamonds or other gems.

As for popular cuts in fashion pieces, marquise and pear shapes seem to be stealing the spotlight from the now-ubiquitous princess or other square stones, and the more substantial fashion looks are demanding less of the romantic briolette and rose cut stones that have rules for several seasons. 


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