Latest Diamond Jewelry Designs Are Getting Hype In The Market
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Latest Diamond Jewelry Designs Are Catching The Attention Of Customers

2006: Latest Diamond Jewelry Designs Are Made Up Of Different Colors Diamonds

May 2006

In the onslaught of design or fashion insiders trying their hands at jewelry design, there are two new collections that are generating hype.

First, celebrity hairstylist Frederic Fekkai has launched a line of diamond jewelry. Featuring primarily yellow and brown-hued stones, the collection (manufactured by H Stern) has quickly become a favorite of celebrities and consumer fashion editors.

Next up is famed architect Frank Gehry, whose line for Tiffany--launched last month with events in New York and Los Angeles--has been one of the industry's most high-profile collections in recent history.

Gehry’s collection is largely representative of his architecture—bold and avant garde. It is comprised black gold, Pernambuco wood, and Cocholong stone.


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