New Diamond Resources May Be Discovered In Other Territories Of Canada
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New Diamond Resources May Increase The Production Of Diamond In Canada

2006: New Diamond Resources Found In Columbia In Mineral Testing

January/February 2006

A small diamond discovered in Northern British Columbia, Canada, has opened up speculation over whether mining is possible there.

Canada already produces about 14 per cent of the world's diamonds but, until now, prospectors have focused all of their attention on other provinces and territories—mainly the Northwest Territories.

However, a new government report says that Northeast British Columbia has the indicator minerals that are present in kimberlite, the rocks that yield diamonds.

Experts were not surprised about the possibility — noting that indicator minerals were also being found in Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan.

But diamonds may not be the only gemstone found there: Minister of State for Mining Bill Bennett has released a report suggesting emeralds may also be found there.


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