Diamond Dealers Organized New Project Of Supporting Tsunami
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Diamond Dealers Organized Relief Fund For Tsunami Victims

2005: Diamond Dealers Organized A New Agenda For Aiding Tsunami Victims

February 2005

The industry is opening its heart for victims of the devastating South Asian tsunami that struck last December.

At the Diamond Dealers Club (DDC), the Club organized a Tsunami Relief Fund and donated $10,000 of its own funds.

“It is imperative that substantial aid be made immediately available to victims of the disaster,” said DDC President Jacob Banda.

Antwerp’s HRD is also organizing a fund for tsunami victims, and promises to add one euro for each euro collected. A release notes the Antwerp diamond sector has strong ties with the areas stricken by the tsunami, with many diamond-cutting factories located in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia.

The head of CIBJO, the World Jewelry Federation, called on the industry to give generously to the relief effort.

“Let’s all start 2005 with a contribution to the relief efforts and help millions of people not only survive the coming weeks and months, but also help them make a new start in life,” Gaetano Cavalieri, CIBJO president said.


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