Diamond Increased Price and Its Impact on U.S. Traders
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Diamond Increased Price Is Damaging The U.S. Economy

2005: Diamond Increased Price Is Most Prominent On Big Diamond Stones

February 2005

De Beers has instituted 3% price increase at the January sight, that could be as much as five to six percent on the bigger stones. Initial indications are that most categories got the raise. We think these increases will become more frequent with the dollar low against the Euro and the South African Rand. The bulk of these increases will therefore impact traders who deal in dollars.

This is leading consumers to trade downward. We are already getting more calls for SI stones, as long as they are eye-clean.

De Beers has also announced that it will start making sightholders share the burden for the DTC consumer advertising. According to some press accounts, sightholders will have to pay a 2% charge to help underwrite the cost of advertising, as well as things like its sales system. While it is still not clear how exactly it will work, it could be another charge added on for the consumer.


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