Increased Diamond Wages of Mineworkers Proved Unsuccessful
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Increased Diamond Wages Of Mineworkers Cannot Bring Back The Employers

2005: Increased Diamond Wages Of Mineworkers Did Not Change Their Decision Of Strike

August 2005

De Beers may have a strike on its hands.

According to a De Beers statement, South Africa’s National Union of Mineworkers has indicated its intention to “declare a dispute” with De Beers Consolidated Mines, after the company tabled a wage-increase offer of 7.5 percent for its lowest paid employees and a 7 percent increase for the remaining employees as part of ongoing negotiations.
The mineworkers' union in South Africa requests a 10 percent wage increase.
A De Beers statement it was “disappointed with the Union’s response to this generous and progressively structured proposal, but is confident that a settlement will be reached and remains committed to mutual gains of negotiation.”

The statement added that the two parties will meet as soon as possible in an attempt to settle the matter.  


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