JA Diamond Seminar Held in New York City under JVC
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JA Diamond Seminar Is a Step towards Stopping Money Laundering

2005: JA Diamond Seminar Was a Type of Check on Dealers and Jewelers

August 2005

We recently visited the JA Show in New York. Things were pretty busy on Sunday, but less so on the Monday afterwards. And as usual the busiest booths seemed to be selling crosses and hearts in the $30 to $50 range.

There were some interesting educational programs, including a speaker from FinCen to talk about the Patriot Act, in a seminar sponsored by the Jewelers Vigilance Committee.

The Patriot Act rules, recently passed by the U.S. Treasury, are meant to stop money laundering and impact all jewelers and dealers within certain categories. To get more information on how to comply with the Patriot Act, go the JVC web site, at jvclegal.org.


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