Diamond Jewelry Trends Study
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Diamond Jewelry Trends Study

2004:Diamonds have No Impact over Economy

July 2004

One out of four consumers says the coming year will be a good time to buy jewelry. That’s the result garnered by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, which is run by MVI Marketing and Martin Hurwitz and Elizabeth Chatelain.

A survey of 2,800 respondents said that 23 percent see the next 12 months as a good time to buy jewelry, while 9 percent think it will be bad, and more than half are ambivalent.

Close to 63 percent are ambivalent as to whether now is a good time to buy jewelry, while over 17 percent see it as ideal.

Close to 20 percent of JCOC members purchased jewelry in May. 30 percent went for earrings, nearly 18 percent rings, and over 17 percent necklaces. Nearly 14 percent bought jewelry online, and more than an 55 percent were very happy with their purchase.

As for the larger trends, more than 43 percent said that the economy was about the same as it was a year ago, while over 33 percent believes it to be worse. Nearly 33 percent feel the economy will be better than it is currently in a year, while over 35 percent feel it will be about the same.


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