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Diamond Grading News Spread the Word of New Diamond Cut Grade System

2004: Diamond Grading News Educated Diamond Customers

April 2004

There is big news in the world of grading reports: After researching cut for the last few years, the GIA’s lab will be adding a cut grade to its certificates for the first time ever.

At a recent meeting in the DDC, the GIA’s Tom Yonelunas and Tom Moses didn’t give many details on how it work, or how the grades will look (for instance, will there be an “A, B” etc) They said a lot of those decisions have not yet been made. They did say that the grade will factor in the contention they have made repeatedly in their research that the Ideal cut is not the sole best cut, that there are other cuts out there whose stones can be just as beautiful. Moses and Yonelunas said the new grade will give dealers something to back up a lot of the good cutting that is out there.

Obviously, a change like this will have a big impact on the market, requiring people to get millions of new certificates and maybe have many stones recut.

Yonelunas and Moses said that, when the grade is finally settled, GIA plans a period of education this summer and will introduce it next year.


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