Pink And Blue Diamonds and Gemesis Work
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Pink And Blue Diamonds and Ad in Robb Report

2004: Pink And Blue Diamonds and Prices of Naturals

June 2004

HTHP and synthetics are gaining a foothold among blue and pink stones, traditionally the rarest and most expensive in the industry.

For instance, Gemesis, a manufacturer of created stones, is now producing blues and pinks, in addition to its standard yellow stones. And a Chicago jeweler recently placed an ad for blue and pink HPHT stones in the Robb Report. These stones are usually sold for millions of dollars, but the treated and synthetic stones are a lot more reasonable — if still out of the price range of most consumers.

This may make blue and pink stones a lot more rare than they are currently. We don’t know if this will hurt the price of naturals — or drive it up because consumers’ appetites will be whetted.


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