Awareness Of Colored Diamonds Is Growing Up
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Awareness Of Colored Diamonds And Survey Of Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council

2004: Awareness Of Colored Diamonds Especially Yellow And Pink Diamonds

Mar. 2004

According to a recent survey by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council, the hype and marketing surrounding both fancy colored- and champagne-colored diamonds is paying off. The survey reports that familiarity with pink diamonds increased 30.4 percent in 2003, while yellow diamond awareness increased 21.8 percent and champagne diamond awareness jumped 5.7 percent. Nearly 22 percent more consumers saw ads for colored diamonds.

Some 17.6 percent more consumers more saw them in jewelry stores and those considering buying them jumped by 10.5 percent. The survey, conducted in November, polled 2639 consumers primarily between 26 and 55 years of age with median incomes of about $50,000.


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