Belgian Diamond Bourses And Belgians Worries
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Belgian Diamond Bourses And Supplier Of Choice Policy

2004: Belgian Diamond Bourses And Federation’s Concern About Market

Feb. 2004

The Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses issued a warning that De Beers’ Supplier of Choice policy will cut out significant portions of the diamond industry.

“There is a real fear in Antwerp for the disturbance the DTC will create with its new Supplier of Choice policy,” the Federation noted in a press release. “Dealers and manufacturers are very worried about the future outlook of the diamond market. In order to spread the distribution of rough diamonds to the widest possible circle of small and middle size manufacturers, which are the backbone of our industry, a multi channel supply through various independent traders is vital.”

The Belgian Federation said it will watch the market very closely this month and keep all parties informed of the situation. It noted that De Beers had pledged to support some parts of the secondary market through its subsidiary Diamdel.


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