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Women Want Diamonds And Travelling In Different Places

2003: Women Want Diamonds Whether They Have To Pay By Themselves

Nov. 2003

There’s been a lot of talk about female self purchasers, with even the De Beers jumping on the band-wagon, in its support of the new Right Hand Ring campaign. But do women really want to buy jewelry for themselves?

If there is someone left in the industry still asking this question, the answer is yes, and a recent study offers some proof.

An online study, titled “Women, Men and the Pursuit of Fun,” was conducted by frank about women, a consulting firm specializing in marketing to women. It was reported on About Retail.com, a retail industry web site.

Twenty-seven percent of female respondents selected travel—whether it's a vacation, a cruise, or just a day at the local spa—as their most preferred gift, with jewelry, registering 23 percent of votes, as a close second. Of these respondents, more than two-thirds indicated they want it badly enough that they’re willing to pay for it themselves.


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