Guide For Diamond Terrorism Survival by Yuval Aviv
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Guide For Diamond Terrorism Survival and tips for travelling

2003: Guide For Diamond Terrorism Survival, a useful thing for diamond dealers

Oct. 2003

By Yuval Aviv, Juris Publishing, Huntington, New York, $35

Usually we only review books that have to do with jewelry and diamonds. But this book, written by one of the world’s leading exports in airline security who is very familiar with security in the diamond industry, has a lot of important things to say not only about how to avoid terrorists but how to keep yourself safe in general — which is, unfortunately, a major concern for our industry.

Mr. Aviv, the book’s author, served in the Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) in the 1960s and 1970s. He now has a company called Interfor, an international investigative and intelligence firm. has posted some of the main points from the book:

* Use your instincts. If a situation appears suspicious, leave the scene.

* Have a plan or where/when to meet family members in case of an emergency. Map evacuation routes from home or work.

* Keep extra copies of your passport/birth certificate/Social Security cards/other records, keep copies in storage or with relatives and friends. Carry copy of passports when traveling overseas.

* When traveling overseas, stay in an American chain hotel. Security is usually more stringent.

* When in a foreign country, don’t advertise that you’re American by speaking loudly, holding up maps, exchange currency at airport, or showing American flags.

* If ever a hostage on a plane, never make eye contact with your captors, speak unless spoken to, or do anything to bring attention to yourself.

* Store a decent amount of cash in case ATMs malfunction.

* Never take the first taxicab in line. Hail a moving cab instead.

* Try not to fly on wide-body planes. Terrorists often hijack them.

* Keep an eye out of unattended items when using mass transit or airports.

This is an important book and one which we recommend to security-minded jewelers, and everyone else living in today’s world.


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