Diamond ‘Oral History’ Launched By GIA
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Diamond ‘Oral History’ And Role Of Dona Mary Dirlam

2003: Diamond ‘Oral History’ And Work Of Different Gemologist

Feb. 2003

The Gemological Institute of America is taping an "oral history" of the diamond and gem industry. So far, interviewer Dona Mary Dirlam, GIA Chief Librarian, and GIA Video Director Pedro M. Padua Jr., have interviewed 20 diamond and jewelry leaders, including Richard Liddicoat father of modern gemology and the GIA Diamond Grading system and Joseph Schlussel of the Diamond Registry. The tapes will become part of the Cartier Archives at the GIA Library. Excerpts will be used in GIA educational courses. Anyone who can suggest industry veterans for this project should contact Dona Mary Dirlam at 800-421-7250.


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